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What is Affiliate Marketing?
Who are affiliates?
What is the difference between a private program and a public program?
What stores are eligible for commissions?
Why should I join?
Is my site eligible to become a Microsoft affiliate?
Can individuals participate in this program?
How do I sign up?
How much does it cost to join?
I am accepted to the program. What are my next steps to get started?
Can I set up a Microsoft Affiliate Program account for any country?
What type of banking information is required to receive payment in the private network?
What type of banking information is required for payment in the public networks?
How do I limit access to the affiliate account to a few employees at my company?
What are Enterprise data feeds?
How do I build my affiliate links?
How do I know that my links are tagged properly so I can earn commissions?
Do you offer creative assets?
Are tagged affiliate links approved for use in emails and social profiles on Facebook and Twitter?
How can I be informed about upcoming promotions and product launches?
How are sales tracked?
What products can I promote?
How do I promote products that are in the Windows 10 Store?
What are the attribution windows for each product?
How much commission will I earn?
How and when do I get paid?
I am in the private network and I haven’t received my payment. Why?
I am in the public network and I haven’t received my payment. Why?
If a user clicks on my banner but then clicks on another affiliates link will I still earn commission?
If a user pays for an app, but then refunds the purchase? Will I still get a commission?
I’ve made a sale. Why isn’t it appearing on my affiliate dashboard?
Will I only get paid for the product I promote?
How do you track purchases and attribute them to an affiliate?
What sites should I link to in order to ensure a commission?
I created a link that directs users to, why am I not seeing any commissions?
Do you track purchases in Microsoft’s Online Store and Windows Store at the same time or do I need to advertise them separately?
I am a big company, how do I use a single account in different countries?
I am a big company, how do I earn commission in local currencies while maintaining a single account?
What kind of user data will I collect? What purchase information will I be able to see?
Can I earn commissions promoting free apps?